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Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter is Back!

It was snowing today at Northstar, and tomorrow is my first day teaching.  I'll be with two great kids I've known for the past two seasons, and I know we'll be having fun while we're getting the rust off of our turns.  Tonight it's about making a good healthy dinner, loosening up with some yoga and getting a good night's sleep.  I'll be up at 6, stretching again for 30 minutes, than out on the hill and skiing at 8:30 sharp.  With the lesson starting at 9:30, I'll have one hour to get a bit more rust off of my turns before the kids arrive.

The forecast is looking pretty good as well, with snow at the higher elevations, and a lot more coming Saturday night.

As you may know, Mother Nature gets some big help at Northstar which is why we had so much terrain open during the dry periods last season.  What I didn't know was how the top brass feels about those snow-making marvels.  If you'd like a chuckle and some insight why it's so much fun to work at Northstar, check out Bill Rock, our COO, in this video, "Winter is Back."  And watch through to the end....the videographer also found Bill somewhere in the snowcat parking lot...

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