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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skiing's becoming stranger than fiction

If you've seen the movie "Stranger than Fiction" you'll know about people becoming obsessed with numbers.  Here's a clip from the beginning of the film, which tees up the topic for today's post.

So what's the connection? Northstar's new EpicMix system has been tracking tons of numbers, and has me and some of my ski-school friends constantly comparing stats.

According to Epicmix:

  • I've skied 26 days
  • Racked up 228,564 Vertical Feet
  • Ridden 288 lifts
  • Had 148 photos taken by the Epicmix pro photographers
  • Earned 44 Pins and 5,944 points
According to my lesson journal, I've taught:
  • 22 total lessons 
  • 44 individual students
  • 1 group of awesome kids from the Pioneer Program (Their instructor tore her ACL and I got to fill in for an afternoon)
  • 1 group of ten adult beginners
  • 20 private lessons (a mix of individual kids, individual adults, and groups of both)
My guests journeyed to Northstar from:
  • 4 from Dublin, Ireland
  • 10 from Brisbane, Australia
  • 2 from Texas
  • 1 from India
  • 1 from Santa Barbara
  • 1 from Sonoma
  • 7 from Silicon Valley
  • 5 from the East Bay
  • 2 from Marin
  • and the rest from parts unknown
Now the numbers you're probably most interested in relate to what we're skiing on. With Mother Nature being a bit stingy with her natural snow, I'm happy to report that Northstar's Snowmaking and Grooming Team are the bomb!

Thanks to them, Northstar now has:
  • 16 lifts running
  • 26 total trails opened and groomed
  • 35 features in the terrain park
The corduroy has been awesome in the morning, and the only reason I'm typing rather than skiing on my day off is that one of my students passed on a number of germs.  I don't know the stats, but I'm recording my first cold of the season.

That's all the numbers I can think of to share today, but since I'm home sick, feel free to call me at 415-601-1325 if you want to talk skiing!