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Friday, July 15, 2011

Being a kids ski instructor makes me smile year round!

If you have a winter sport and a summer sport, do you find yourself talking about your off season sport very frequently? 

Usually, I'm so focused on doing sailing and adventure race team building programs, I only think about skiing during my stand-up paddleboard sessions. I'm working on my balance and core fitness, so I'm not talking about flexion and extension, deep powder turns, and how to handle bumps with the other surfers.

But my phone just rang. Who was it on the other end?  The parents of three great girls I've taught for the last few years.  It's July, and mom and dad called to say hi, ask for advice about buying new boots and to reserve some private lesson days during Christmas, Martin Luther King weekend, and President's Week. 

It was really fun to catch up, and hear about the girls' exploits on the soccer field this season.

And the best part of the call? I learned that this year I get to teach the oldest daughter how to snowboard.  I'd better get back on the paddleboard to get in shape!