Thursday, October 13, 2011

A video tip for skiing with your kids

With the ski season approaching (and more snow on its way to Tahoe) it's time to start blogging more about fun in the mountains.

And because pictures speak a thousand words, I love that the PSIA has created some great videos to help increase our enjoyment of skiing and snow boarding.

Here's one that is perfect for parents who want to help their kids conquer the mountain while skiing as a family.

However, a common error is choosing to ski on trails which are more difficult than fun! Or the trail may be fun, but to handle it, children practice defensive skiing, creating movement patterns and habits that will take time (and more lessons!) to fix. Even worse, but unfortunately common, is a child developing a fear of blue squares or black diamond runs that he or she has been forced to follow Mom or Dad down.

So this video is extremely helpful. It provides the visual clues to how your child is handling the terrain. Even if they're having a blast... these signs should help you decide where to ski to set them up for success in the future.


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