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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Ski Movie Trailer - Spies at Northstar!

Nat Fay is still visiting from Australia, and he continues to need to borrow my car.... so, he's continuing to help me craft some videos for some of the great kids I ski with, and their moms and dads.

This one ranks up there with the one of Mina, the snow-dancer, because it includes shots of both Olivia and Cole doing their own ski-dance, and in one clip, Mom is joining in.

Thanks, Nat, and great skiing, Cole & Olivia!

PS... It snowed 6 inches yesterday, and we expect another good hit of snow tonight.  Things are looking good for President's Week.  I've been booked up for a while, but have had one family give up three lesson blocks. If anyone wants to do some skiing, give me or the office a shout at 530-562-3848.  Available times are Tuesday afternoon (2/21) and all day on Friday, (2/24).



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