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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The snow is coming!

The National Weather Service is calling for 2-4 feet of snow above 7,500 feet this weekend!

I can't wait for the season to start. My first lesson of the year is a private lesson for my good friend April's young daughters, Maria and Elizabeth. They're coming up on Monday of Thanksgiving week, and Mom and Dad are psyched to drop off the kids, and enjoy some free time while the girls and I tear up the mountain.

While we've been waiting for the snow to fall this week, my housemates and I have been reviewing a bunch of video we shot during various lessons last season.

Here's one of my personal favorites...

All of our students are special, and Chloe is no exception. She was a bit shy and reserved until the camera came out, and voila... she was transformed into a hard charging, "let's go faster" little skier, and the smile count started climbing exponentially.

The lesson here for parents is that the focus should never be how well a child skis, or how quickly they are growing their skills. Skiing is all about having fun. Once a child is enjoying him or herself, learning comes naturally, confidence builds, and the little one will be leaving you in his or her dust.

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